Maggie Grace Calls Liam Neeson ‘The Best Fake Movie Dad Any Girl Could Ask For’ – Here’s Why!

Imagine waking up one morning to find Liam Neeson has left you a not-so pleasant voicemail in his trademark Taken voice. For Maggie Grace, the Oscar winner did just that – to her ex-boyfriend!

In an interview on Conan, Grace gushed about the “certain set of skills” Neeson possesses when she was a “hot mess” after a breakup. After confessing to Liam that her ex broke her heart, her onscreen dad responded, “We have to set this kid straight.”

Cue the menacing voicemail. “This is Brian Mills,” Neeson said in his notoriously ferocious Taken persona. “We’ve never met, and if you play cards right, we never will.”

Liam continued:

“You’re lower than the pond scum so I’m just going to say this once. You’ve made two mistakes: Your first mistake was dating out of your league. Your second mistake, well, let’s just say any more mistakes and I’ll break your other arm – slowly. I don’t need to say it, but I have a particular set of skills. And I don’t want to waste them on you. Now get your (bleep) together.”

Grace could do nothing but shower Neeson with praise for his heroic prank. She called Liam “the best fake movie dad any girl could ask for.”

Taken 3, meanwhile, hits theaters Friday. The two can be seen reprising their onscreen roles as father and daughter for a third time. While many questioned the motivation for Neeson signing up on a third installment of the film series, the actor was actually very blunt with his response. As reported by Inquistr, Neeson simply chuckled as he rubbed his fingers and thumb together to form the gesture for money when he was asked why he came back to star in Taken 3.

To say it’s shocking that an actor would be so open about taking a role simply for the cash is an understatement. However, early reviews for the film seem to reflect it. Betsy Sharkey from the LA Times calls Taken 3 “so unintentionally hilarious” that the writer “couldn’t help but wonder — do movie contracts carry a humiliation bonus clause these days?”

Forbes meanwhile goes a step further, comparing Neeson to Nicholas Cage and calling the film “a stunningly wrongheaded and borderline incompetent action sequel that sullies what came before.”

Looks like Brian Mills may have more phone calls to make.

Listen to Liam Neeson’s prank call to Maggie Grace’s ex on Conan below:

[Liam Neeson/Maggie Grace image via The NY Daily News]