Liam Neeson Decided To Do ‘Taken 3’ For A Single And Simple Reason – No, It Wasn’t Legacy

Alap Naik Desai - Author

Jan. 9 2015, Updated 2:17 a.m. ET

Liam Neeson reprises the role of an ex-CIA officer who is also a protective father and ex-husband for the hit movie franchise Taken. While every actor hopes to create a successful lineage of motion pictures, it wasn’t the legacy that convinced the 62-years-old actor to partake in the third edition of the Taken series.

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Despite a predictable storyline, which varies only in the details and methodologies, both the editions of Taken proved hugely successful at the bo -office. Despite being a veteran actor, Liam Neeson has exuded a powerful and youthful vigor and vitality in both the editions, accompanied with the portrayal of wisdom that is gained only after spending decades as an undercover top-secret agent. Liam managed to enthrall his audience of young and old alike, and managed to hold them in their seats with his methodical acting and brutal performance.

However, it wasn’t about preserving artistic vision, shaping a legacy, or even wrapping up unfinished finer aspects of the movie franchise that made Liam Neeson reprise his role in Taken 3. When asked why he came back to star in Taken 3, Liam chuckled as he rubbed his fingers and thumb together, gesticulating the internationally known symbol denoting handsome remuneration.

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Though Liam Neeson might certainly not need the dough as an incentive, it is interesting to note he would admit doing it all for money. The role is especially significant, owing to its demands from the lead character that Liam plays. Even though he might be joking when he made the money sign at AMC Empire 25 fan event for his new film, it is certainly no joke getting ready for the grueling role, but for Liam it was all about “boring pushups and situps.”

Though Liam Neeson downplayed his fitness regime for the Taken movie by saying it was all “boring stuff,” he did reveal that he power-walked, did rowing, and lifted weights, apart from other forms of exercises, which helped him stay in top shape.

While Liam himself makes it out alive in Taken 3, indicating there might be more sequels, his ex-wife in the movie, played by 50-year-old Famke Janssen, doesn’t. Her character dies in the third edition.

Speaking about the developments, Janssen said, “I’ve done three of these films. I’m really thrilled somebody had to take the bullet for a better story line that didn’t involve somebody getting ‘taken.’ I said, ‘You know what? I’m the big person here, I’ll rise above it. I’ll take it. I’ll die.”

Despite starting out in Hollywood by starring in sensitive films, Liam Nesson has successfully made a name for himself playing a calculative, hardcore ex-CIA agent.

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