Michelle Kerr: Mother Of Little Girl Thrown Off A Bridge Speaks, Felt Father Was ‘Good’ For Their Child, Detailed Reports Reveal Otherwise

Michelle Kerr saw her five-year-old daughter, Phoebe Jonchuck, for the last time on Christmas Eve. But she had absolutely no idea she’d never see her child again. On January 8, Phoebe was thrown off a Florida bridge by her father, John Jonchuck. Now, her mother is left to deal with the devastating aftermath. The mother of three recently spoke with ABC Action News, where she shared details about her relationship with John, memories of her daughter, and her sentiments of him going forward.

Kerr revealed that her relationship with John was a bit tumultuous, but things got a worse due to her recent engagement. She also stated that her illness is the reason why John had full custody of Phoebe at the time of her death. Due to complications from multiple sclerosis, she struggled to care for their daughter, so she felt John was “good” for her. Several media outlets, including the Huffington Post and Seattle Times, have also reported that John had a close relationship with his daughter. Although she’s devastated by Jonchuck’s actions, she’s already forgiven him and she doesn’t hate him for what he’s done. However, his own mother says she hates him for what he’s done and she never wants to speak to him again.

“I would do anything just to have her for one more day,” said Kerr.

While Kerr painted the picture of a relatively strong father-daughter relationship and insists he’s “not himself” right now, court documents tell a different story.

According to MSNBC, little Phoebe had seen quite a lot in just five years. Apparently, her parents were at odds the majority of her little life. It has also been revealed that she has extensive history with Florida Child Protective Services. John has a history of domestic abuse, and at one point was accused of “smacking” the child in the face. In addition to suffering from multiple sclerosis, reports to CPS also detailed allegations about Kerr being a meth user, reports MSNBC. According to ABC Action News, the case was closed “with no indicators of substance misuse.”

John Jonchuck faces first-degree murder charges for the death of his five-year-old daughter Phoebe Jonchuck.

[Image via Tampa Times, YouTube]