Jennifer Lopez Tells Meghan Trainor To ‘Be Very Picky’

Meghan Trainor got some very good advice about relationships from someone who knows, the one and only Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez.

Meghan Trainor met Lopez at the American Music Awards back in November of last year. When Trainor got the chance to talk to Lopez, she admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she was “star struck the whole time” and that she admitted to Lopez that Selena was the reason she wanted to become a singer.

Trainor then went on to ask the second half of legendary relationships like Bennifer, “how do you have boyfriends in this industry?”

The older and wiser Lopez, who is known for being in relationships with such stars as Diddy and Marc Anthony, gave an answer that was short and sweet, “Be very picky.”

Despite Trainor’s latest hit “Lips Are Moving'” talking about relationship woes and cheating men, Trainor is clearly interested in finding a special someone. It was on tour for Jingle Ball that Trainor commented to The Hamilton Spectator that she was so “down to date another pop star” because of her crazy tour schedule and being away from home so much.

All of this comes on the heels of rumors that the “All About That Bass” singer has found a special someone.

Reports have been circulating that Trainor is dating Nick Jonas’ road manager, Cory Andersen.

Jonas and Trainor are quite close after touring together for Jingle Ball. Jonas even threw Trainor a big birthday bash in for the star’s 21st birthday in December. It would be no surprise if Trainor connected with Andersen through the help of Jonas.

It seemed even more evident when Andersen posted a picture of him kissing Trainor on the cheek with the caption, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

When Trainor was asked about a possible relationship with Andersen, she said “he’s great” twice and added that she would “love to have a boyfriend” and even “a boyfriend sounds great.” Either she is trying to send a certain someone a hint or she already has one.

It’s probably best that Trainor asked advice of one of the most eligible bachelorettes. Lopez has been through it all, all kinds of high profile relationships and nasty, public break-ups. Let’s hope that Meghan Trainor takes Jennifer Lopez’s advice when it comes to relationships.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia]