Puppy Bowl Boasts Goat Cheerleaders, Kittens Versus Super Bowl Cute Canines Ad [Video]

Wave your paws and wag your tail for Puppy Bowl season! And although the Super Bowl XLIX starting line-up remains to be decided, the excessively cute canines who will strut their fluff in Puppy Bowl XI are barking to get ready, reported the New York Post.

And it just might top last year’s excitement with a ruff group of canine competition.

Team Ruff and Team Fluff will compete in the Animal Planet extravaganza. With 55 puppies, goat cheerleaders, and the world’s cutest half-time show, Puppy Bowl just might earn a trophy for Over-the-Top Cuteness. Highlights of that half-time show include hamsters flying a biplane made with Twizzlers and kittens mewing from the sidelines.

So who’s in the starting line-up? A kennel full of MVPs (Most Valuable Puppies), who will receive analyses from serious sports correspondents during the Puppy Bowl Pregame Show, revealed Entertainment Weekly.

Puppy Bowl player
Puppy Bowl contender Pepper is wagging to compete.

Pepper, for example, is a 14-week old shih tzu/terrier mix. Playing for Team Fluff, he reportedly is a super fan of Star Wars. (Animal Planet created the witty descriptions.)

In contrast, Faulkner is a 12-week old Great Pyrenees/lab mix on Team Ruff. And it appears that he just might score with his nimble feet, because his life goal is to appear on Dancing with the Stars.

Puppy Bowl puppy
This little puppy really wants to rumble.

All the puppies as well as the kittens are from rescue groups and shelters, and Animal Planet hopes to promote pet adoption from these groups rather than purchasing a pet from a store or breeder.

Even if you don’t adopt from the Puppy Bowl line-up, animal shelters throughout the nation have both puppies and adult dogs. And although some puppies have suffered from abuse, as the Inquisitr reported, they have an amazing ability to seek and give love.

Dogs who are fostered often even remember their original foster moms a year later, showing their appreciation for being rescued and loved. When a tiny puppy was abandoned on Christmas Eve a year ago and rescued by Deanna Jarvis, he weighed only one pound and suffered from both hypothermia and an infected broken jaw.

After she nursed him back to health and he found a forever family, he still visits with her regularly and shows his joy at their reunions, said Jarvis.

“This is one of those instances where they remember what you did for them and they appreciate that. It means a lot that he remembers me and appreciates what we did.”

Puppy Bowl XI is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 1, at 3 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet.

But what if you want to have puppies and the human version of Super Bowl? Give your dog a high five for Anheuser-Busch, which is returning to the commercial line-up with its cute ad that combined Clydesdales and puppies, reported ABC News.

Last year’s Puppy Love commercial told a tale that involved a canine bonding with a Clydesdale. It touched viewers’ hearts, and won the majority of advertising polls as the best commercial in Super Bowl.

Although the company isn’t revealing all the doggy details, Anheuser-Busch did announce that it has two 60-second Budweiser commercials.

“The ‘Lost Dog’ [ad features a] heartwarming tale of two friends having each other’s backs,” said Brian Perkins, Budweiser vice president.

[Images Via Animal Planet]