Hot Mom Prom Date: Teen Wants Friend’s Mom As Prom Date, But School Halts His Twitter ‘Campaign’

When Anthony Pinnisi saw his friend’s mother-daughter photo on Twitter, he wanted to ask her hot mom to be his prom date. The image of Chloe Albright’s mother in a bikini was posted on Twitter and it caught the teen’s eye. The senior from Patriot High School in Virginia asked Chloe what she thought about that.

Chloe told his mother’s admirer that he should prove how much he wants to take her out by retweeting the image a million times. A little after that, she changed her mind and told him 500,000 retweets. Within 24 hours, 80,000 retweets were amassed, but things changed suddenly.

The Mail Online reports that Anthony’s online campaign strategy was halted by the school because they deemed it inappropriate.

Many of Anthony’s friend’s thought his open social media campaign was hilarious, while some felt it it was wrong. Everyone had some reaction to the idea of this teen asking his friend’s hot mom to go with him to prom. Chloe wasn’t all too impressed with Anthony’s ambition to take her mother to prom. She tweeted a message out saying that if anyone retweeted the bikini photo, she didn’t like them.

Chloe's Tweet

No one knows how Chloe’s mother feels about this. Several commenters have expressed anger that her mom didn’t do something to stop this, saying that she shouldn’t overshadow her daughter at this time in her life and let the spotlight on her. Was it possible she didn’t know anything about it until news broke about this social media campaign?

Anthony was a bit turned off by the fact so many people viewed him as a “pervert.”

He tweeted, “Why am i being labeled perverted and horny like nothing about that tweet was perverted or horny i have respect for her mom.”

As MTV News adds in its report on the hot mom prom story, there were no hard feelings between Anthony and Chloe by the end of it.

A texted conversation between them reflected on the saga. “Holy s—- you made the news hahahahhaa dead,” Chloe texts.

“Hahahaha,” Anthony replies.

Chloe tells him how shocked she was that the news made him look “creepy.”

“They made you sound creepy as f— and twisted the story,” Chloe texts again.

Anthony seems to know how the media works, by answering, “I know that’s what news does.”

What’s your take on this teen wanting to ask his friend’s hot mom to prom?

[Image: Twitter via Daily Mail]