Pack Of Rottweilers Save Pensioner’s Life

A family of Rottweilers proved that they don’t set much store by stereotypes or care for bad reputations, when they rushed to the aid of a freezing pensioner who fell and was trapped, alone and scared in a field for 15 hours.

Rottweilers, with their massive jaws, brute physicality, willful manner, and historical status as dogs of war or guard dogs, have often found it hard to escape their unfair reputation as canine psychopaths or Satan’s servants. Of course, it didn’t really help their course any when a rottweiler was cast as the hellhound to guard the aspiring young antichrist in the classic Omen movie.

However, it appears that no one told a family of rottweilers in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, that they had some sort of demonic reputation to uphold.

The Mirror reports that David Malt and his nephew, Jack, were taking David’s four giant Rottweilers for a late evening stroll in a deserted field that they frequently use because the public are often intimidated by the breed’s fearsome reputation, when he let his dogs off a lead.

As soon as he unleashed the “beasts,” Tillie, Billy, Gerrard, and May went bounding off in the same direction. Why? Where were they headed on this cold and dark January night? Were they on the hunt for some rabbit who had foolishly broken cover? Had they set their sights on some poor unfortunate stray? Or perhaps they sensed there was some brazen cat prowling about in the vicinity that needed a good sorting?

Nope! The pack of philanthropic rottweilers were rushing to the aid of a shivering pensioner who had fallen after losing her footing, and had been stranded in the field for 15 hours.

When David and Jack caught up with the gentle giants, they found them surrounding the elderly lady and one of them was affectionately licking her. The woman was rushed to hospital and treated for exposure.


Jack’s mum, Lana Martenovic, who also owns a Rottie from the same family of dogs, has credited the hounds with saving the woman’s life.

“They bounded over the field when they were let off the lead. My son said to his uncle ‘there’s something over there.’ It was the female dog who started licking her and refused to leave her side until my son and his uncle arrived.

“The woman had been stuck there in the bushes all day, since about 10 o’clock that morning, but she didn’t make a sound when the dogs found her. She told the boys later that she got off the bus at the wrong stop. If my son and brother in law hadn’t have walked their dogs at that time, it might have been a very different outcome for the lady. I don’t think she would have survived.”

Lana is delighted that the woman has survived, and that Tillie, Billy, Gerrard, and May have worked miracles in rehabilitating the raw reputation that rottweilers are often burdened with.

“Rottweilers don’t have a great reputation because they are perceived as aggressive, but they’re really protective, and originally bred as working dogs. So it is good to hear some positive news about them.”