New York: Fourth Grader Girls Accused Of Plotting To Poison And Kill Teacher

A group of fourth grade girls in Elba, New York, have been accused of plotting to kill their teacher by poisoning her in the classroom. The girls threatened to kill their teacher because they were upset with her, revealing their plan prior to Christmas break. Punishment details have not been released. However, all of the students involved met with the school principal and a counselor, as the matter was handled internally. Police were dispatched to the school, as well, but criminal charges were not filed in the case.

According to WKBW Buffalo, three female fourth graders plotted to put hand sanitizer on items that their teacher would touch. Their teacher stated at the beginning of the year that hand sanitizer was not allowed in the classroom because she is extremely allergic to it. Rather than simply killing bacteria, it could kill her. The girls later shared that they plotted to poison the teacher because she made them mad. The plot was revealed to school officials, after one of the parents learned of the potential poisoning.

Sheriff’s deputies met with the girls and their parents to discuss the life-threatening plan and expressed the seriousness of carrying it out. During the interaction, authorities found that at least on other parent knew about the plot and decided not to tell anyone. Since the plot was never carried out, it was treated as only a threat, and no official charges were filed. The investigation was passed on to the school officials to decide upon a punishment.

Other parents at Elba Elementary were disappointed that the girls even thought about using the teacher’s allergies against her. Mike Hare shared his thoughts with WHEC Rochester.

“We know some of the parents and the children and we’re disappointed in it. We surely hope the school takes some good action to help these children to get back on track.”

He added that he hoped the girls were not actually going to act out the poisoning.

“Part of me wants to take it and say it’s just kid shooting their mouths off doing what kids do, but to take action as they did — it’s a little extreme.”

School officials refused to comment on the incident or what sort of punishment the girls would receive. The neither name of the teacher nor the names of the three fourth grade girls have been revealed.

[Photo Courtesy: WHEC]