Kailyn Lowry Defends Success And ‘Teen Mom 2’

Kailyn Lowry has used her Teen Mom 2 fame to catapult her into success outside of the entertainment business. Aside from her many endeavors, she is also a college student and well on her way to a successful future.

After appearing on 16 and Pregnant, Kailyn was asked to be a part of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, where she continued to share her story. Rather than depending on the cameras and fame to pay her bills, Kail was determined to show she was more than a reality show star and teenage mother. She started in direct sales before moving up to opening her own clothing line, Love & Lowry.

However, it isn’t just in the business world where Kailyn Lowry has made her mark. The young entrepreneur has also written a memoir about her life. In the book Pride and Pity, Kail gave her fans an inside look at her life before the MTV cameras came to her house to film her life. It was obvious from both the show and Kailyn’s book that she never had a fairytale life, but she has not let that stop her from achieving her dreams. It seems, though, that she has had to defend her success and as well as the show that made her famous.

There is no doubt that by being on MTV, Kailyn Lowry was one of the luckier teen mothers in the world. She was compensated for her time on the show, but Kail has never made her role on MTV about the money. Rather, she has always stressed that the show is doing a good thing by showing the hardships of parenting at a young age.

Kail was then called out for supposedly going to community college. The truth is much different though, as Kailyn goes to an accredited university and has a hectic schedule to accommodate her education. Her husband, Javi Marroquin, is in the Air Force and works a chaotic schedule as well, but the two have been able to make things work in order to better their futures.

Of course, Kailyn Lowry has often been called out for her strong personality, but she doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she had an answer for that as well!

“I would rather be a “b*tch” by standing my ground and know what I want than allow everyone I know to walk all over me.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kailyn has had to deal with negativity in the past as well. After talking about her marriage and stating how much she loves her husband, an article suggesting that Kailyn texts other men “all the time” came out. Kailyn was quick to defend herself from the crazy rumor.

Teen Mom 2 is set to air later this year, and Kailyn Lowry has signed on for another season.

[Image: Instagram]