Extended Video of Tamir Rice Shooting Released

An extended version of the video that shows the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice was released on Wednesday. The nearly 30-minute video shows Cleveland police officers Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann pull up in their police cruiser as Rice sits alone under a gazebo at the Cudell Recreation Center.

As the police pull up, Tamir gets up from the gazebo park table and lifts his shirt to show the handle of an airsoft gun tucked into his pants. Loehmann, a rookie, then fires two shots and hit him in his stomach. Rice is left on the ground where he falls.

The extended video shows that Tamir Rice’s sister runs into the frame of the security camera not long after her brother has been shot. She is shoved to the ground, handcuffed by police, and put in the back of the police car just a few feet away from her dying brother.

The video shows that it took several minutes for Rice to receive any kind of medical attention and about eight minutes for an ambulance to even arrive on the scene.

The release of the extended video is the work of the Northeast Ohio Media Group, who took legal action to obtain the full footage of the encounter between Rice and the police. The extended video is about 30 minutes long, but the full video of the scene after Tamir Rice was shot is 90 minutes. The full 90-minute video will be released soon by Northeast Ohio Media Group.

Ohio attorney Walter Madison, who represents the Rice family, said that the video is “shocking and outrageous.” Tamir’s mother, Samaira Rice, had said in December that her son didn’t receive any medical attention for several minutes.

The extended video of the aftermath of the Tamir Rice shooting does in fact show officers Garmback and Loehmann standing over the boy’s body as he lays with a gunshot wound to the stomach. Several other officers also come on the scene, and finally someone identified as an FBI agent who was in the neighborhood comes to tend to Rice.

Though it took a full eight minutes for paramedics to arrive on the scene, most of what happened to Tamir after the shooting is blocked by the police squad car parked in front of the gazebo. It was just over 13 minutes after he was shot that Rice was taken away by paramedics on a stretcher.

The entire scene showed what Tamir Rice family attorney Madison called “overwhelming indifference” by those at the scene as the boy lay dying from the police-inflicted gunshot wound.

[Image Via globalnews.ca]