‘The Young & The Restless’ Twitter Rants: Eric Braeden Denies Sharon Case Allegations

The Young and the Restless is having some off-screen drama on Twitter, with a few fans arguing about Eric Braeden allegedly calling Sharon Case unprofessional. Case portrays Sharon Newman on Y&R.

A tweet by the one accusing Braeden of disrespecting Case demands he apologize to her.

“Mr Braeden, you owe Sharon Case an apology. You have not acted like a gentleman. @EBraeden.”

Braeden also fired off a message to a blogger who posts a lot of information on The Young and the Restless. It reads as follows.

“FYI: i NEVER had an actor or actress fired! I have been in this business for 50 plus yrs! NOT ONCE! A BLATANT LIE!!!”

Braeden retweeted a message when someone stood up for him. The fan wrote the following.

“Sharon the actress did very unprofessional things to Eric Braeden! FACT”

The same message was also tweeted to Sharon Case; she hasn’t responded to any of Twitter comments.

The Miami Soap Opera Examiner reports that the last person to disagree with Eric Braeden was Michael Muhney, who portrayed the role of Adam Newman. He was fired in December 2013 over allegations of sexual harassment, but backlash from fans erupted. One of the several speculations about why Muhney was fired had to do with he and Braeden reportedly not getting along.

A few years ago, writers wanted to romantically pair Victor Newman and Sharon Newman, but Case made sure it didn’t happen. Now some rants on Twitter are getting picked up.

As the report addresses, Case wanted “edgier” storylines, but has been marginalized by Braeden due to his influence as a veteran cast member. It mentions that Sharon might have very little screen time after the custody case storyline due the “strained” working relationship with the actor. She could be written off the show if she goes goes somewhere after losing custody of Faith, or maybe even be sentenced to prison. Killing characters off is another way many exit shows, but it’s not irreparable for daytime TV to change that if the character is revived later on.

Since Michael Muhney’s firing, Y&R gets more attention when it becomes a hotbed of off-screen gossip. In fact, Muhney and Case are friends. They’ve defended each other on Twitter when their professionalism is under attack.

Eric Braeden is tired of the accusations that he’s ever tried having someone on The Young and the Restless fired. Even if he and Sharon Case really aren’t the best of buddies, would it get to that point?

[Photo Credit: Voici]