Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Corrine Rey Says She Let Terrorists Inside And Hid Under Her Desk With Toddler Daughter

Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Corrine Rey said she let terrorists into the satirical newspaper building after they threatened the life of her toddler daughter. After the gunmen were inside, Rey hid under her desk with her little girl as the terrorists called out the names of their intended targets. Corrine Rey creates cartoons under the name “Coco.”

Corrine Rey is cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo and a young Paris mother. Just prior to the terrorist gunmen, who may be members of al-Qaeda or ISIS, stormed the building entrance, Rey was returning from picking up her toddler daughter from daycare. When she got to the front door of the Charlie Hebdo building two masked gunmen quickly approached her and threatened the safety of the woman and her child.

Coco cartoonist Corrine Rey said this about the Paris terror attack, “They said they wanted to go up to the offices, so I tapped in the code. They shot Wolinski and Cabu. It lasted five minutes. I had taken refuge under a desk.”

According to the Paris terror attack survivor, the attack by the masked gunmen spoke fluent French and claimed to be “al-Qaeda terrorists.” Charlie Hebdo attorneys have revealed that four cartoonists were killed during the Paris attack. In addition to Caub and Wolinski named by Corrine Rey, the lawyers state that a cartoonists who draws under the pen name Tignous and Charb and Charlie Hebdo chief editor Stephane Charbonnier, were also killed.

A Paris terror attack witness who works in an office in the same building told BBC World Service, “When I arrived at the scene it was quite disturbing as you can imagine. There were several corpses on the floor.” The male witness added that he had arrived at the scene of the Charlie Hebdo carnage just a few moments after the alleged al-Qaeda terrorists had left the offices.

The witness reportedly attempted to “make some room” for the wounded found inside the Paris satirical newspaper office. “As we progressed through the rooms, we saw there were a lot of people down on the floor and there was blood everywhere. We’re extremely relieved that nobody was affected by the attacks in my own office. But obviously I’m very traumatized by this attack and everything and now we’re in psychological h**l we’re being attended to by professionals,” the witness added.

Witnesses outside the building told reporters that they saw the gunmen “firing indiscriminately” along the street in front of the Charlie Hebdo building. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Paris terror attack gunmen shot a police officer and then fled the scene in a black Citroen – which reportedly crashed shortly thereafter. Charlie Hebdo was attacked with a fire bomb in 2011.

The Charlie Hebdo gunmen hijacked a second car about one mile from the Paris terror attack scene and remain on the loose.

Do you think al-Qaeda is responsible for the Charlie Hebdo Paris terror attack?

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