Al-Qaida ‘Invisibility Cloaks’ Training Video Goes Viral

Al-Qaida ‘invisibility cloaks’ featured in a training viral video teach followers how to go undetected by United States drones. The drone cloaks featured in the al-Qaida video reportedly shield Islamic fighters from sight by quickly and easily using common household items.

The al-Qaida invisibility cloaks used to avoid U.S. drone detection were reportedly created by terrorist group leaders after watching United States military public relations videos. The 16-minute invisibility cloaks video is entitled “Combatting Spy Airplanes.” The Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda terrorist group reportedly explains in the video that by crafting together a covering comprised of aluminum foil, glue, and a standard tarp, the infrared cameras on the U.S. Predator drones cannot detect human heat.

Al-Qaida fighters are urged to spread glue all over a tarp large enough to cover the body, and then place standard grocery store aluminum foil on top of the glue — before adding additional glue if needed, and then covering the invisibility cloak with a second tarp.

Once the al-Qaida invisibility cloak is all pieced together, group fighters were urged to camouflage the blanket type covering with earth-tone colors and tree branches. It remains unknown if the al-Qaida invisibility cloak actually protects against U.S. drones.

The Middle East Research Institute had the following to say about the al-Qaida invisibility cloak.

“The aluminum is supposed to act like a heat barrier, keeping the fighter’s body heat from being detected by the drone camera system.”

Drone attacks have been ongoing in Yemen for about 13 years and have reportedly increased during the Barack Obama administration.

A United States Central Command in the Arabian Peninsula military spokesman was questioned by the media about the al-Qaida invisibility cloaks but declined to comment on the “effectiveness or ineffectiveness of specific enemy tactics.”

In 2002, Ali Qaed Senyan al-Harthi and five al-Qaida followers were killed during a November Predator drone attack after the CIA reportedly tracked the men via their cellphone signals. In 2011, a Hellfire missile killed American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, al-Qaida claims to have developed an “undetectable bomb” for use in attacks on United States buildings and airplanes.

What do you think about the al-Qaida undetectable bombs and invisibility cloaks? Could another September 11 style attack occur in the United States?

[Image via Video Screengrab]