Sarah Palin Dog Fight With PETA Continues On ‘Today’ Show [Video]

Sarah Palin in a Today show interview with Savannah Guthrie again called out the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for what she deemed hypocrisy and double standards as applied to a political conservative.

Palin sparked a social media controversy about animal cruelty, some portion of which was probably manufactured by ideologically driven Palin haters, when she Facebooked several photos of her son Trig, 6, who has Down’s syndrome, standing on the back of a dog in the family kitchen on New Year’s Day.

PETA has issued at least two statements denouncing Palin for the dog stool photos.

The black Lab in question is named Jill Hadassah and wasn’t harmed at all, however, according to Palin.

She told Guthrie that the dog is named after her college roommate Jill and the Jewish name for Esther. “I love in the Bible the Book of Esther,” Palin explained.

In a lengthy Facebook posting that has received about 150,000 likes to date, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate told PETA among other things to chill out. She also assailed the organization for hypocrisy because it said nothing about PETA favorite Ellen DeGeneres tweeting out a photo of a child standing on a dog or in response to President Obama’s admission in his autobiography that he ate dog meat in Indonesia.

On a wholly separate matter, Mama Grizzly also took to Facebook to blast both Republicans and Democrats for a double standard in their response to the Steve Scalise controversy.

When Guthrie asked Palin if it was okay for a child to step on a dog, Palin offered this defense.

“In this case, yes, because Trig’s service dog is a strong trained dog that does really, really love his best buddy Trig, and they put up with each other, and there was no harm at all to this dog. Ironically, PETA made my point, though, that I was making in the post, where I said, you know, life gives you what may be perceived as stumbling blocks, well, use them as stepping stones instead and may 2015, the new year, allow opportunity for that. And then that day I witnessed my own son using as a stumbling block, a stepping stone.”

When Guthrie pressed Palin about whether she took a cheap shot at Obama, Palin disagreed.

“Oh, heck no, that was the best line in the post that I wrote; it was the kick-off line. It was, ‘Hey, PETA, chill. You know, at least Trig didn’t eat the dog.’ And, no, it also made a point that, you know, President Obama to many of the far-left radicals who are part of PETA, you know, they look at him as, I don’t know, their messiah. I don’t know, I think he as a child, probably the same age as Trig, did much worse than just use the dog as a stepping stool.”

Palin also noted that the very liberal New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio killed a groundhog on Groundhog Day when he dropped it accidentally, but apparently PETA offered no animal-rights related criticism of that encounter.

Watch the Sarah Palin Today show interview and draw your own conclusions.

Apart from whether it is ever okay under any circumstances for someone to step on a dog, do you think that Sarah Palin — even with the same exact baggage — would receive the same treatment in the legacy or mainstream media if she was a pro-choice liberal rather than a pro-life conservative?

[image via Facebook]