The Ice Bowl 1967 Was The Coldest NFL Game Ever: Packers Vs. Cowboys At Lambeau Field May Be Ice Bowl 2?

Patrick Frye - Author

Jan. 6 2015, Updated 7:13 p.m. ET

The Ice Bowl 1967 is on record as the coldest NFL game ever, but it’s hoped that 48 years later, history may repeat itself when the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys face off at Lambeau Field.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, hopes of having an Ice Bowl 2 may be improved by the resurgence of Polar Vortex 2, which has an Arctic blast set to send temperatures plunging throughout the United States.

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Unfortunately, those same hopes of having the Ice Bowl 1967 getting its own sequel may be dashed already, since says NFL fans in Green Bay can expect temperatures to be around 19 degrees for Sunday’s game, with the chill at night reaching only four degrees. The chance of snow is only 10 percent, with the weather predicted to be mostly sunny, so any chance of a real Ice Bowl 2 seem unlikely. Even if Polar Vortex 2 decides to plummet temperatures into the night, determining the coldest NFL game records is based upon the kickoff, not the coldest point at any time during the game.

Beating the record set by the Ice Bowl 1967 at Lambeau Field is fairly difficult, although it’s not exactly something you would wish on the NFL fans watching the Cowboys vs. Packers game. In order to receive the record for the coldest NFL game ever, temperatures would need to drop below -13 degrees Fahrenheit and -48 degrees when you include the wind chill. Lambeau Field also happens to be the spot where the two other coldest NFL game records have been set, getting in the top 10 for 1990, 1993, and 2008.

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Even if the weather report is not cooperating with remaking the Ice Bowl 1967, the game between the Packers and the Cowboys will still be historical. The two teams have faced off four times in the NFL playoffs since the 1967 NFL Championship, but they have never met on Lambeau Field in Wisconsin. Even if Ice Bowl 2 is not likely to happen, the Dallas Cowboys are already capitalizing on the event by selling Ice Bowl 2 T-shirts.

Despite being mostly sunny, NFL fans are hoping the sequel to the Ice Bowl 1967 will be just as historic. Over 48 years ago, fans poured into the field after the Packers won and it got a little crazy. This time, everyone may be able to enjoy themselves more since they won’t be freezing. Then again, hardcore NFL fans may claim that’s just part of the fun.


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