Teresa Giudice Didn’t Cry Checking Into Prison, Kept It ‘Professional’

Teresa Giudice did not cry when getting checked in at Danbury prison on Monday morning. According to Radar Online, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star kept it together, and stayed completely professional as she went through protocol. While this was undoubtedly very difficult for the mother of four, she has had a great deal of time to prepare herself — and whatever she has been telling herself apparently worked to keep her level-headed.

A source shared the following.

“Teresa was extremely professional and didn’t cry. She was determined not to look weak in front of anyone.”

And while she was treated with respect, the reality star didn’t receive any special treatment.

“She didn’t get any special treatment, but wasn’t singled out because of any celebrity status. She was very grateful for that.”

Teresa Giudice had everything set up before she walked through the doors of the prison. All of her questions were answered, and she made all of her arrangements (about calling home, and her first visits with family) so that she knew what to expect — and had something to look forward to.

“The biggest concern Teresa had was being able to call the girls before they went to sleep. Before beginning her prison sentence, all of the arrangements were made for phone privileges, including sending in money to pay for the calls.”

Teresa Giudice may not enjoy being away from home for the next 15 months, but she could have it a lot worse. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the commissary list for Danbury was revealed yesterday, and she will have access to quite a few “luxury” items from beauty supplies to food items (like Oreo cookies).

On Tuesday, Us Weekly posted a more thorough list. Teresa gets about $320 a week to spend on items of her choosing.

“With her cash, the mom of four can buy everything from tweezers ($1.15), Clairol hair dye ($9.45), Charmin toilet paper ($4.20/four-pack), lip gloss ($3.00), and choose between a soft or hard toothbrush for $0.95. Even better? Giudice has multiple options for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. The brunette could splurge on the priciest shampoo, Dr. Miracles for $8.60, or settle for the $2.25 Suave Green Apple option.”

There have also been rumors that the RHONJ star will be able to take cooking classes and yoga in her “spare” time. And while Teresa Giudice may have been able to keep it together while doing the legalities to get herself, you can bet that she will spend more than one night crying herself to sleep. But that’s normal, right?

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice / Instagram]