Melissa And Joe Gorga Blamed For Teresa Giudice’s Prison Sentence?

Are Melissa and Joe Gorga responsible for Teresa Giudice’s recent stint in prison? According to a source, that’s how the Real Housewives of New Jersey star feels.

A source told Radar Online the following on January 6.

“Teresa is blaming everyone but her husband for her having to go to prison… Specifically, this includes [Melissa and Joe Gorga]! She thinks they made her look like a bad character [on the show] and that ultimately is why she had to go to jail.”

“What Teresa doesn’t realize is that she made herself look bad in terms of how she dealt with the charges.”

Even after her sentencing, as Radar Online reported, the reality star continued to live a life of luxury, and was spotted carrying a handbag worth a reported $2,000. The source continued as follows.

“She was the one who tried to make Melissa look bad by painting her as a cheater, a stripper, and a gold digger. Basically, Teresa tried to do anything she could with Melissa to deflect negative attention away from herself. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. She blames other members of the cast [for her downfall] as well, but has been very adamant that her husband is not to blame. It’s sad that she can’t take accountability even at this stage in the game.”

In other news regarding Melissa and Joe Gorga, the couple recently moved back into their Montville, N.J., home after scrapping plans to build a new home in another area.

The Gorgas are “now selling the Franklin Lakes lot where they had already started construction, and have moved back into their dilapidated Montville mansion,” Radar Online reported last month.

“The couple entered the Montville mansion into a lease to purchase agreement with New Jersey businessman Kai Patterson in 2013, and started construction on a new house of their own. But the tenant later claimed to have discovered thousands of dollars in repairs were needed when he employed his own home inspection.”

Rather than have to pay all the fees and find a new renter, the Gorgas decided to move back. Luckily, they seem to be happy with their decision, despite their not being able to continue with their plans for a new home.

Melissa told fans the following on Instagram.

“There is NO place like home especially for the holidays. #happiness #family #neverleavingagain”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Melissa and Joe Gorga are expected to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 7.

[Photo via Instagram]