Animal Cruelty? William Moore Claims He Can Shoot A Neighbor’s Dog And Not Call Police If Force Is ‘Justified’

A dog shooting in Florida has a suspected shooter named Willam Moore claiming that since he owns firearms and has a concealed weapons permit, he can shoot his guns and not call the police if he’s using “justified force.” Police in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating the case as potential animal cruelty.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a pit bull shooting occurred in Florida when a Lee County K9 unit suffered a random pit bull attack while deputies were searching for a bicyclist who had run away from police after being stopped for missing night lights.

On New Year’s Eve, Brock Evans says a confrontation with his neighbor led to the dog shooting after the Labrador Retriever named Bryar managed to briefly escape outside the yard. Evans told the Inquisitr that he spoke to the Moore family shortly before the shooting allegedly occurred and everything seemed to be resolved. But as Evans drove back to his home, he found his dog Bryar dying from multiple gunshot wounds on the side of the road.

When confronted, Moore allegedly implied that his son may have shot the dog and the Evans family told police they believed it was a case of animal cruelty. When animal services took possession of the dog, they “observed that there were multiple holes in Bryar’s chest, left shoulder, and torso which were consistent with a shotgun wound.”

A police report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says that William Moore declined to make a written statement, but did make the following verbal statements when speaking to the responding police officer about the alleged case of animal cruelty. Moore stated that Bryar had come onto his property, left by unknown means, and also denied shooting the dog. Although the dog did not pose a threat to himself, livestock, or property, Moore believed his female dog was danger since she was small and in heat. Moore believes if Bryar had bred with his dog then she would have been killed.

When the police officer asked Moore if he felt it was justified to shoot his neighbor’s dog in defense of his own, Moore said that he did feel it was just. The police officer then asked again if Moore shot the dog since he believed it was justified, and Moore once again denied shooting the dog.

The police report says the officer asked “why he did not want to be forthcoming if it was a justified use of force.” In response, Moore “stated that he owns firearms, has a concealed weapons permit, and if someone was to threaten him or his family that he would use his weapons.” The report also says “he would not call law enforcement after using justified force.” After that declaration, the police report says Moore refused to answer any further questions.

Brock Evans has stated he is willing to testify in court and wishes to press charges related to animal cruelty. He says his family is heartbroken over the death of their family dog. When Evans spoke to The Inquisitr, he said his daughter could not sleep, and he feared she would need counseling. Now the Evans family says they are seeking justice for Bryar.

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