Pit Bull Shooting: Police K9 Suffers Pit Bull Attack, Cops Shoot Dog In Search For Bicyclist Without A Night Light

A pit bull shooting occurred in Florida, when a Lee County K9 unit suffered a random pit bull attack while deputies were searching for a bicyclist who had run away from police earlier.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a pit bull shooting video shows a police officer killing a pit bull puppy from the first-person perspective of a body camera. In Florida, a neighbor shot a Labrador Retriever and the owner is seeking “justice” for their dog, Bryar.

The whole story of the pit bull shooting started with a simple traffic stop. Police officers say they attempted to stop a suspect on a bicycle for riding without a light at night. When confronted outside of a Dollar General store, the bicyclist ran away from the police officers, and a helicopter and K9 unit were called in to search for the man since he fled into the woods.

The pit bull shooting occurred when the K9 unit was tracking the suspect and an unleashed pit bull attacked the other dog. The owner of the property, Michael Rivera, says the pit bull attack occurred when the K9 unit entered the pit bull owner’s property. Although the property did not have an actual fence, Rivera says he had an invisible fence system that normally would have prevented his pit bull from wandering.

After the police deputy shot the pit bull, animal control was called in to treat the dog for its wound. Rivera said his pit bull was not doing well although the K9 unit did not suffer any major injures from the pit bull attack.

The suspect on the bicycle managed to escape from police during this episode, and police have not released a description of suspect, according to ABC 7.