‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Rumors: A New Villain Is Coming

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead may have a new villain to rally against when the hit zombie TV show returns for it’s midseason premiere in February. But it may not be the bad guy everyone is expecting.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

According to the International Business Times, The Walking Dead‘s new big bad, who many expected to be Negan, the head of the Saviors, will instead be a group known as the Whisperers. Fans of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic book series will definitely recognize the name of the frightening group of humans.

“The Whisperers were first introduced in the fourth part of Volume 22: ‘A New Beginning,’ Issue 130, which was released on Aug. 13. In the issue, a survivor named Marco was rescued from the woods. The man was disturbed, suffering greatly while trying to escape from walkers with his injured friend, Ken. But despite his traumatic experience, Marco insisted on one thing – the zombies were talking.”

So what is IBT basing their theory on? According to them, it all begins with the reintroduction of Morgan (Lennie James). In episode 12 of Season 4, Morgan was rediscovered by Rick and was knocked unconscious. When he woke, Rick tried to reason with him, but Morgan was sputtering some crazy stuff that made no sense. When asked if Morgan recognized Rick, he uttered that he did not, but also muttered “people wearing dead people’s faces,” which could have been a clue dropped in for fans of Kirkman’s comics because in the end, the zombies weren’t talking. Instead, the Whisperers were wearing zombie skin to blend in.

Until we know for sure, of course, Walking Dead fans will be relegated to the message boards to debate the topic. One thing is certain though, when the AMC show returns in February, the cast will be slightly thinner following the dramatic death of Beth Greene. Hollywood Life recently pondered how her sister Maggie will deal with her sister’s death, having also lost their father Herschel in the Season 4 finale a year ago.

“How will Maggie recover after losing her sister? Maggie has gone from family surrounding her to literally having not one family member left. Will she be killed off too?”

A new promo reportedly shows Maggie grieving for her loss and giving Daryl Dixon a death stare as reported by Inquistr.. And Maggie isn’t alone. Herschel and Beth were voted the number one and two most missed characters by fans in a recent Walking Dead poll conducted by ComicBooKDotCom.

The Walking Dead returns in February on AMC.