‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off: Is A Comic Book Companion In The Works?

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television series on the air today. Its comic book counterpart is also highly successful, having helped spawn the characters that viewers are captivated by each week.

So with the new Walking Dead spin-off, labeled Cobalt for the time being, in the works, it’s safe to assume a comic book companion series is on the way as well, right? Not so fast, says ComicBookDotCom, that argues undertaking a comic book based on The Walking Dead spin-off would actually be a bad idea.

“While it’s tempting to capitalize on the popularity of The Walking Dead‘s brand, it’s equally likely [to] water it down,” the site argues. The article goes on to elaborate its point, hinting that it may not be the financial no-brainer many believe it would be.

“With two stories as unconnected as The Walking Dead and its companion are reported to be, it isn’t outside of the realm of imagination that Cobalt would be seen as just another zombie book and get only a minimal bump from being connected to The Walking Dead, especially if the always-busy Robert Kirkman had to outsource the writing to somebody else.”

Wet Paint brings up an interesting counterpoint to ComicBookDotCom, however, insinuating that having a Walking Dead spin-off companion in comic book form could only serve to help the finished product.

“The reversal of having the show air (presumably) before the comics would be released could be interesting,” the site writes. “Robert has said that as far as The Walking Dead is concerned he’s pleased that he’s been able to correct some things that he didn’t like about the comic with the show (like Rick Grimes losing his hand) so if the TV show comes first then he’d be able to alter things in the comic instead. It doesn’t mean much but again, it could be an interesting experiment of sorts.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, the new Walking Dead spin-off, tentatively titled Cobalt, is ready to begin shooting, though not much is known up to this point aside from the series being set in Los Angeles.

The Walking Dead spin-off cast is also the only other known variable thus far. Cliff Curtis, best known from his time on the show Gang Related, will play the male lead role named Sean Cabrera, a teacher described as “a good man trying to do right by everyone in his life.” Cabrera also has a son, played by Frank Dilane, with his ex-wife.

The female lead on AMC’s The Walking Dead spin-off will be played by Kim Dickens of Gone Girl fame. Dickens portrays a guidance counselor at the same school as Curtis’ character, and the two are in a relationship at the time of the zombie outbreak.

What do you think? Should there be a Walking Dead spin-off comic book companion?

[The Walking Dead image via Comic Book Movie]

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