Psstt.. don’t let Louis Gray hear about this .. kthxbai

Knowing that Louis and his lovely wife are the proud parents of a set of twins is kind of helpful in setting up this piece of news. As well anyone who knows Louis also knows he is a die hard Apple fan so when I saw this product announcement he was the first person I thought of. You see over on ThinkGeek that they have a new product listing for something called a Combi IPod Bouncer which as you can tell from the picture involves a pretty fancy child seat.

It turns out that this nifty seat can bounce to the music supplied by your plugged in IPod; which given Louis proclivity for techno music would make any child's time spent in the chair resemble something of a carnival ride. Now if you have a young child and think this might be just the coolest geek accessory then here are the rest of the specs for it

  • For Ages 6 months and up
  • Weight capacity 25 lbs.
  • Removable toy bar with three wooden toys
  • Removable and adjustable canopy to help control light exposure
  • Rear storage pouch for canopy and other necessities to keep with you
  • 3 point padded harness
  • Hammock style seat design with 2 position recline
  • lockable bounce feature
  • Unique bouncing leg design uses child's movement or parents input for comforting bouncing motion
  • MP3 input for customized musical experience
  • Built in sound and vibration unit
  • Electronic controls accessible in the back so child is not disturbed when making adjustments
  • This product can be used with a 5 lb (newborn) in the fully reclined position. With a child weighing less than 5lbs. (preemie) the caregiver should consult their pediatrician.
  • Dimensions: 7.5" tall x 9" wide x 5" deep
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs

Not bad though for $80.00 since you can look cool at all those geek get together and let your child think their are on some cool new ride at the same time.

[hat tip to Random Good Stuff]