Justin Bieber Fans Pay Tribute To Belieber Taiane Fernandes After Untimely Death

Justin Bieber’s fans are currently mourning a young Brazilian fan, Taiane Fernandes. She reportedly lost her battle with a fatal and rare lung condition and passed away on January 5.

Taiane, who was reportedly 16 when she died, previously held a Twitter account which was dedicated to her idol.

Poignantly, Taiane’s last tweet — posted on January 4 — asked the singer to follow her on Twitter.

Since news of Taiane’s untimely death spread through Belieber-Twitter, thousands of fans are collectively mourning the loss of someone they consider part of their extended family.

As a result, “#RIPBelieberTaiane” soared to the top of worldwide trending topics on Twitter on Sunday evening. At press time, it has moved down to the No. 2 topic on the network.

Every tweet the Inquisitr has seen posted by Beliebers using the above hashtag, requests that the 20-year-old singer honor the last tweet of Taiane and follow her on Twitter.

There seems no doubt Bieber will do so when he learns of the tragedy.

Throughout his career, the singer has maintained a close relationship with his fans via his social media accounts and direct contact. The star pays tribute to the significant anniversaries of the late Avalanna Routh, affectionately known as Mrs. Bieber to fans. Routh died at age six back in September, 2012, from atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor, a form of brain cancer.

The Biebs typically tributes deceased fans on Twitter by tweeting hashtags with their name and sending gifts to funerals. Last July he did this for the late Alicia Tamboia, who died in a car accident. He also followed her Twitter account.

He later posted an Instagram pic himself with Alicia, along with a lengthy message.

“I heard about Alicia’s passing this weekend. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones.I remember meeting Alicia a few times at my M&G’s. She did so much for the Belieber family and I will always love her for that. God is great and I know he will take Alicia into his arms and make sure she is happy so she can also watch over us. I love you Alicia. – Justin.”

According to Alicia’s friend, Taylor Vecchia, who attended the funeral, Bieber sent 100 purple roses and a “One Less Lonely Girl” crown, along with a message to her family.

Here is a snapshot of Beliebers honoring the late Taiane Fernandes on Twitter.

@justinbieber follow @jbhotpqs she died the last request was to have it their recognition. She loved you very much #RIPBelieberTaiane 16

— isa (@mahonzwho) January 5, 2015

she died with the promise to love you forever please @justinbieber, make her dream come true and give @jbhotpqs a follow 16

— lis (@jealieber) January 5, 2015

@justinbieber PLEASE JUSTIN, FOLLOW SHE @jbhotpqs #RIPBelieberTaiane 16 pic.twitter.com/P5NNDLDIpL

— Chihiro (@Selena_Tay1D) January 5, 2015

@justinbieber honey follow @jbhotpqs Please she deserves your follow #RIPBelieberTaiane 16

— h o p e (@dreamsofdrew_) January 5, 2015