Gaston Push-Up Contest: Disney Character Proves His Muscles Are Real

Gaston – the man from the hit Disney movie Beauty and the Beast was known for two things – his good looks and his big muscles.

In the movie, there is even a big musical number that focuses primarily on those two “assets.”

Even though they were not good enough to win over the desired heart of Belle, Gaston was still able to use his good looks and muscles to become a seemingly worthy opponent.

However, in real-life, it may have been thought that Gaston did not truly exist. Even when you see the man that dresses up as Gaston at Disney World, it could be easy to assume that he is nowhere near as strong as his animated counterpart.

That is, of course, unless you are the arrogant tourist in this video that came up with the idea to challenge the man dressed in full Gaston attire to a push-up contest.

From the very start of the competition, the winner of the push-up contest was clear. Gaston started pumping out push-ups back to back without delay – he didn’t even take off his costume gloves or fake ponytail before getting started.

To add insult to injury and truly win the crowd over, Gaston even taunts his challenger by saying, “It looks like he needs a hand!” He used that witty punchline to literally offer his hand to his challenger as he continued to pump out his own push-ups one-handed.

Very impressive, Gaston. Very impressive!

[Image Credit: Kotaku]