Rogue Rat Runs Rampant In KFC And Causes Mass Panic (Video)

A gang of carefree KFC diners had their dinner date with Colonel Sanders finest Kentucky fowl rudely interrupted by a rogue rodent with an obvious taste for finger-licking chicken.

Footage recently uploaded to YouTube shows how fast food fanatics in the Plaza Norte shopping centre in the Peruvian capital of Lima had their chicken dinners ruined by the sudden appearance of a disease carrying rodent, seemingly hell-bent on causing mischief and mayhem.

The clip, which has since gone viral, shows an obese and unhealthy rat, which appears to carry itself with all the urgency of a pig in muck, scurry brazenly across the floor of the KFC as shocked diners stare wide-eyed and open-mouthed in disbelief.

The collective shock at finding a rat marching through one of Colonel Sanders’ establishments like it owns the joint is too much for the happy eaters, and mute surprise soon turns to a very vocal shock as hordes of KFC regulars start to scream, shriek and flee the diner in abject terror.

The Mirror reports that two men who are thought to be members of the shopping mall’s security team, or else they are a couple of those ‘special’ people who enjoy randomly dressing up in bizarre uniforms, were soon on hand to deal with the rogue rat, but they appear to fail abysmally in besting the yellow-toothed and squinty eyed vermin.

One of the brave uniformed warriors stands over the rat gripping a handheld radio, while the other repeatedly tries to squash the cheeky rodent by manically stamping on the plucky furry upstart.

Fortunately for the rat, it lived to scavenge another day. Unfortunately for the KFC outlet in question, it has now been temporarily closed by health officials until, in the words of Ministry of Health spokesman Jose Miguel Garcia, “they eradicate its rat problem.”

“We have ordered the closure of the KFC in the Plaza Norte and it has been fined. The unsanitary conditions could be a risk for human health.”

Yet for many KFC enthusiasts, the damage has already been done. One viewer of the YouTube clip snarled, “It is disgusting. I would not eat in that place ever.”

Somewhat alarmingly, Julianna Cad, who uploaded the YouTube video, explained, “There were actually two rats, but I only managed to record one of them.”

The disturbing fact that there were two rats working in tandem like a pair of organised criminals as opposed to a lone rat gone rogue rat is corroborated by eyewitness Thomas Casares Orozco.

“I was eating with my girlfriend when she screamed and jumped up pointing out the rat, then everyone started running for it scattering food everywhere. One rat tried to grab a chicken leg but when a security guard turned up it tried to run off. There was chaos as people made off or climbed onto chairs and tables. I saw one bloke stamp on a rat but it didn’t seem to stop it – it ran under a flower box and I didn’t see it again.”

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