Talulah Riley And Elon Musk Split Up Yet Again

When Elon Musk split up with Talulah Riley for the first time back in 2012, he tweeted the actress saying, “It was an amazing four years. I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day.” Eighteen months after their split, the couple reconciled and tied the knot again on July 2013. However, Musk and Riley are going their separate ways yet again. On New Year’s Eve, Musk filed for divorce in a Los Angeles County Supreme Court.

According to reports, the split is amicable, and Musk will be giving Riley $16 million in cash and other assets as part of a financial settlement. The divorce filing says that the couple’s property will be split in accordance to their prenuptial agreement.

Musk is one of the world’s leading industrialists and is one of the co-founders of PayPal. He also went on to found SpaceX, a space exploration company which is notable for launching the first privately-owned liquid-fueled rocket to ever enter space. Musk is also the founder of electric car company, Tesla Motors. Riley, on the other hand, is an actress who appeared in the films Pride and Prejudice, Inception, and St. Trinians.

The couple were together for a year after they remarried, until recently when Riley opted to stay in London to write and direct her first feature film, Scottish Mussels.

Prior to his marriage with Riley, Musk was married to Canadian novelist Justine Musk for eight years.In an interview after their divorce, Justine said, “As we danced at our wedding reception, Elon told me, “I am the alpha in this relationship.” I shrugged it off, just as I would later shrug off signing the postnuptial agreement, but as time went on, I learned that he was serious.”

There were rumors that Musk ran off with Riley, rumors that Musk cleared on his website. He wrote, “It is worth mentioning that Talulah, as anyone who knows her would attest, is one of the most kindhearted and gentle people in the world. The cliché that has been propagated, of me abandoning a devoted wife to “run off” with a young actress, could not have been more falsely applied.”

Musk and Riley had no children together, but Musk has five children from his marriage to Justine. The newly-divorced couple have said that they plan on moving forward as friends. Musk has not tweeted any news about the divorce.

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