World War II Veteran Ernie Andrus Runs Across America To Raise Money For Normandy Beach Memorial

As World War II veteran Ernie Andrus runs across America, he’s hoping that his long journey will raise money for a Normandy Beach invasion memorial that would send a decommissioned naval ship back to France.

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Ernie Andrus says his journey across America is not only about raising money — he’s hoping to raise awareness.

“Now that we’re retired and we’ve started seeing that the younger people aren’t being educated about it. Then we go, ‘I guess we’re all getting concerned,'” Andrus said, explaining how he feels World War II is being forgotten as time passes. “They should know. They should know. You know? You just don’t want them to forget those things.”

In this case, the World War II veteran hopes to send the U.S.S. LST 325 Memorial to Normandy Beach for a special 75th memorial service, although he admits, “I don’t know. Our skipper has told me it probably won’t happen.”

Along the way, the World War II veteran said he likes to carry American flags.

“We carry the flags, and that moves the traffic over,” Andrus said.

Andrus actually started his trek across America back in October of 2013. Starting in San Diego, California, the U.S. veteran has reached New Mexico, but he still has quite a ways to go since his pace is about three to 10 miles a day. The goal is to reach Brunswich, Georgia.

“I run every week except Christmas week. Three days a week,” he said.

Family members are a little worried about the 91-year-old running across America by himself, but they could not be any prouder of his cause.

“Well, we’re all very proud of him. I have to admit I think I’m the worrier of the family, so I worry about him a lot out there traveling by himself,” said his daughter, Cathy Andrus Ratledge, according to WSMV.

According to Local 12, the World War II veteran is expected to reach the Texas border fairly soon.

Ernie Andrus provides updates on his journey at his website,, where donations can also be made.