Infant’s Body Found — Is It Baby Eliza?

The body of an infant has been found in the search for missing baby Eliza Delacruz, who was reported missing after the unresponsive bodies of her mother, father, and uncle were found shot in their home. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that officials aren’t 100 percent certain that the body belongs to the missing child. However, there are no other reports of missing infants in the vicinity where the remains were found.

Federal News Radio reports that police are still looking for information regarding the shooting of the child’s mother, father, and one of her uncles. It’s also being reported that there are two survivors in this tragic ordeal. The victims are not being identified, but they are in stable but critical condition in the hospital.

The Long Beach, California, infant is reportedly 3-weeks-old, and was missing from the home when the carnage was discovered by police. SMN Weekly News notes that police do not believe this was a random act. In other words, the murders of the family members and the kidnapping of the infant (and now presumed murder) was most likely a targeted tragedy, but police have not shared why or clarified on their statements.

Until an autopsy is completed, it won’t be known for a fact if the infant’s body is connected to the disappearance of baby Eliza Delacruz. However, the possibility is more than apparent.

Lt. Lloyd Cox with the Long Beach Police has acknowledged that there were no signs of forced entry in the home. A neighbor of the victims reportedly told police that she only heard two gunshots, and did not hear any other noise. Otherwise, there are no real solid clues in the case. Long Beach Police Officials encourage anyone in the public with information to come forward by calling 911. Any information may prove useful in looking for answers or finding the person or persons responsible.

Unfortunately, it also looks like there are conflicting reports circulating about the shooting. While some reports claim that the child’s parents have been murdered, the Daily Mail and some other reports claim that the parents have been released from the hospital and were not killed. The Daily Mail also claims that an African-American or Hispanic man may have been responsible for the kidnapping of the infant. Hopefully investigators can help sort out the facts once the body of the infant has been properly identified.

[Photo: The Daily Mail]