Burglars Steal Christmas Presents, Single Dad Outraged

If you had burglars steal Christmas presents from your children, what would you do?

That hypothetical is now a reality single dad Nathan Roach of Williamston, South Carolina, is facing. Roach and his three kids were celebrating Christmas over the New Year’s holiday. He took them to see a fireworks display on New Year’s Eve, but when the four of them arrived home, they found their home had been broken into and the presents were missing.

Fox Carolina reports that many of the stolen items were expensive electronics, “but some of the items were sentimental and they say they can’t be replaced.”

“It’s just me and my three kids here, that’s it, nobody else,” Roach said. “I went to open the front door, and one of my work books was against the door, so I knew somebody was in the house.”

Roach said he was outraged that someone could take kids’ Christmas presents with little concern over what they were doing.

“All my money goes to make sure my kids are all right. I can’t afford to go buy new televisions, new PlayStations,” he added.

Roach said that his children’s tablets and computers, as well as their PlayStations and presents, were gone along with his car stereo, which had been “ripped from the car.” Memory cards with photos from his children’s birthdays and Christmas celebrations were also taken.

“I just need help and everything to try and figure out who got my stuff, who took, who’s low enough to take right after Christmas little kids’ stuff,” Roach said.

The county sheriff’s office admitted burglars hoping to steal Christmas presents are common during the holidays and that the investigation is ongoing. As for Roach, he is now concerned for his kids’ safety.

“I don’t want my kids here until I know what happened. I don’t want somebody coming in in the middle of the night, someone coming in here and something happening. It scares me for my kids’ sake,” he said.

In some related crime fallout to the holiday, the Inquisitr recently reported on a couple who were arrested for stealing more than $2,000 worth of decorations from neighbors’ yards.

Authorities alleged that Carrie Carley, 42, and her 18-year-old husband, Jeremy Lewallen, were responsible, though Carley claimed that her husband was the sole mastermind. Police found the items in both the front and back yards of Carley and Lewallen’s home.

For burglars who steal Christmas presents or break into homes in general, do you think they should be punished as if they’d committed a violent crime?

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