Christmas Decorations Heist: Colorado Couple Arrested For Stealing $2K Worth

Christmas decorations can usually be purchased for pennies on the dollar in the two or three days following December 25, but for one Colorado Springs couple, authorities claim that even bargain basement prices weren’t cheap enough.

They allege that Carrie Carley, 42, and her 18-year-old husband, Jeremy Lewallen (pictured above) stole $2,000 worth of decorations, according to a report from CBS Denver.

Carley and Lewallen are said to have stolen the Christmas decorations directly from their neighbors’ yards, though Carley claims that her husband was the sole mastermind.

Police found the items in both the front and back yards of Carley and Lewallen’s home. No explanation was provided from the pair on how they hoped to conceal the loot from their neighbors.

The arrests were made on December 19. According to Carley, she didn’t know the Christmas decorations were stolen because every morning, her husband would “go out for a walk, at like 2 or 3, and then there was just more stuff in the yard.”

Lewallen, when confronted with the mountain of evidence, reportedly “chuckled” and said he didn’t care about the people from whom he had stolen, police claim. He spent Christmas morning in jail while Carley was able to bond out.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Lewallen has been arrested for stealing. A few months ago he went to jail for stealing Halloween decorations.

Police suspicions toward Carley were aroused given that she had known about the previous arrest. Her own statement does indicate that she suspected something was amiss.

“I didn’t know if I called if I was going to get in trouble myself or not, you know, because it was in my yard,” she said.

Carley and Lewallen both are facing felony theft charges over the December arrests.

While petty theft doesn’t usually make the front page of Reddit, this one did, mostly for the contrast between Carley and Lewallen in both looks and age. Commenters were pretty brutal.

“He should borrow some of her neck.”

“Baby, what happened to your face?”

“Santa’s had a rough time sence gender reassignment surgery. His elf lover was just trying to brighten his mood.”

And those comments were pretty much the nice ones.

As for the victims, this story does at least have a happy ending. Colorado Springs police report that the Christmas decorations were returned to their rightful owners.

What do you think about this heist, readers? Worth felony charges or is prison too overcrowded for people like Lewallen and Carley? Sound off in our comments section.

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