Macklemore Baby Announcement Video Gets 1M+ Views on YouTube [Video]

Macklemore is known for doing things differently, and the rapper’s latest hit is a YouTube video titled “A Surprise from Ben and Tricia,” which features Macklemore – whose real name is Ben Haggerty – and his fiancée, Tricia Davis, beaming over hearing the heartbeat of their baby. Google reports that searches for Macklemore and Tricia Davis swelled to more than 20,000 on January 4.

Meanwhile, the YouTube video itself of Macklemore and Tricia, which was published on January 3, and had already gained 1,004,524 views by Sunday evening, is proving to be so eloquently edited and scored that the online buzz states other celebrity couples are going to have to step up their baby announcement game in the wake of Macklemore’s masterpiece.

“We are soooo excited!”

As reported by CNN, Macklemore – who is best known for his “Thrift Shop” hit, which surged to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 2013 – and his fiancée Tricia Davis will welcome their first baby in May, as witness by the “May 15” due date proclaimed at the end of the viral YouTube video. The fact that Macklemore and Tricia hid their pregnancy for approximately four months had some fans reacting in a variety of ways, reports the Inquisitr, with most fans falling on the side of being blissfully happy for the couple.

“Today the media speculated about some big news in our life. So we decided to share it with you ourselves.”

Although the viral Macklemore baby announcement video was posted Saturday on Macklemore’s musical partner’s YouTube account, Ryan Lewis, the video itself was filmed by Jason Koenig, who took to his Facebook page to describe the joy of being able to film such a special moment with Macklemore and Tricia.

“This is one of my favorite things we’ve gotten to capture in a long time. So blessed to be invited in to such a beautiful vulnerable moment, and then get to share it. You two are going to be awesome parents.”

As reported by USA Today, the special video showing Tricia getting an ultrasound with Macklemore – as well as a kiss and hug from an unknown woman whom Tricia seems to automatically guard her baby against – has received plenty of attention online within hours of the video being posted. Macklemore and Tricia have not yet announced if their baby is a boy or a girl.

[Image via Macklemore YouTube video with fiancée Tricia Davis]