Don’t Let This French Bulldog’s Size Fool You, He’s Got Some Tricks Up His Sleeve [Video]

Even among those of us who aren’t dog lovers, French bulldogs are still pretty undeniably heartwarming to look at. Just like any other domestic animal, that cuteness gets ratcheted up to all-out ebullience when they can do a few tricks, which is why this French bulldog has racked up more than 1.3 million hits since just the very beginning of 2015.

Even with the internet-wide obsession with cute dog videos, French bulldogs get quite a bit of attention in the viral video cycle. If the French bulldog in the video above wasn’t good enough for you, here’s 10 more that have been deemed some of the most heartwarming.

French bulldogs are actually of English origin, though their name isn’t a misnomer. They grew to popularity in France where their unique mix of pugs and toy bulldogs won hearts over long before they became viral video stars. You might want to be cautious if you’re picking one up though. French bulldogs are known to be poor swimmers, partially due to their large heads and and small hips. You can learn more about French bulldogs in the video below.

Are French bulldogs your choice as the most adorable viral video star dog breed?

[Image via Flickr]