Adorable Video Shows A French Bulldog Playing A Game Of Tag With Young Buck [Video]

An adorable video was uploaded by a YouTube user in Nova Scotia. The video shows an energetic little bulldog playing with a young buck.

The pair can be seen running around the yard with one another. The little dog can be seen running back and forth in front of the buck, attempting to get him to put on the chase. The deer obliges, and begins chasing the bulldog around the yard. Both appear to be having a blast. The dog goes from side to side as the buck tries to catch him.

Jamie-Rae Fifield, the YouTube user who uploaded the video, said the dog’s name is Ellie Mae, and she is a three-year-old French Bulldog. Fifield notes that the duo had been playing for about 30 minutes before the video was even shot.

“This is Ellie-Mae, my 3-year-old French Bulldog, playing with a young buck in our backyard in Wellington, Nova Scotia. They played for about 30 minutes before I took this video.”

The video has gone viral, and at the time of this posting, had generated over 488,000 views. However, not everyone is as optimistic about the “adorable” nature of the video. Many people commenting on the video note that the deer is not playing. In fact, they think the young buck is actually trying to impale the tiny dog.

“I would strongly suggest, from quite a bit of experience, that they were NOT playing; the deer was continuously looking for an opening to pierce the little dog with his antlers; it’s only the dog’s speed of movement and jigging about that saved him. If you look elsewhere on YT you will see a video of a deer that injured, perhaps killed, a dog by flailing it with its feet. This was not playing at all! When the dog stood up to the deer and barked directly in its face the deer lost courage and did its perfectly normal thing; it ran away. I guess interactions between animals, that we over differentiate, tend to look “the best of pals” since they don’t identify “types” readily; but the fine line between mutual acceptance and downright violent dislike can be but a moment’s indiscretion away. In other words; aren’t we being led by the luxury of human sentimentality so much of the time?”

What do you think? Was the young buck enjoying the little bulldog’s company, or was he waiting for the perfect moment to attack the tiny dog?

If you are scared the buck was in fact trying to impale the tiny dog, get your spirits back up by watching this compilation of dogs jumping on trampolines.

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