Tehuacan, Mexico: Lynch Mob Hangs Robbers Including Pregnant Woman And Teen From Tree

Traciy Reyes - Author

Jan. 7 2015, Updated 1:27 p.m. ET

In Tehuacan, Mexico, local residents lynched a group of robbers from a tree, including a pregnant woman and a teenager. According to Diario Cambio, a group of local Mexican residents grew so tired of the “ladrones” robbing their homes that they decided to take the matter into their own hands in the form of old fashioned street justice — a popular way that vigilantes are dealing with the crime and corruption that has over taken the government and barrios of Mexico.

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According to Daily Mail, an angry mob stripped the robbers of their clothing and then beat them so severely that blood can be seen dripping from the mouths of a man and a teenage victim. A graphic photo circulating around the net shows a man hanging from a tree, another man on the ground who appears to be already dead, a teenager who has fallen to his knees, and a badly beaten pregnant woman with a rope around her neck. All of the victims were tied to a tree after the brutal beating.

The Mexican lynch mob had previously issued a warning to the robbers — telling them to cease breaking into local residents’ homes. This time, the group of robbers were caught red handed as they tried to make out with several electronics items.

When they were caught, a group of around 100 people gathered and commenced to beating the pregnant woman in the face — since she was pregnant — but stoning and brutally beating the others. One of the robbers died from their injuries. The other three — a teenager, a pregnant woman, and another man — were all transported to the local hospital for treatment. Their injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

Mexico is also mourning the death of Jesus Tapia Rodriguez, a famous chef and television personality who is known for his delicious meals on his hit show Con Sabor a mi Pueblo. Mexican officials say that Jesus Tapia Rodriguez was savagely murdered in his own home in Mexico, and that his own mother had found his body with almost 20 stab wounds, according to Latin Gossip.

In December, Inquisitr reported on the death of a Nathaly Cartas Leon — a pregnant woman who was kidnapped and killed in Mexico by Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez. Authorities say Salinas Hernandez befriended Nathaly Cartas Leon on Facebook so that she could kill her and steal the baby from her womb. The last thing Nathaly’s family remembers is that she was headed to meet a friend to pick up some items for her baby. When she arrived at the home, Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez attacked her, beat her with a blunt object and threw her out like garbage in the brush of her back yard. The gruesome photos of Nathaly Cartas Leon were heavily circulated on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


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