‘FIFA 15’ Video Shows The Best Goals Scored By PS4 Users In 2014

Electronics Arts and FIFA 15 are celebrating the new year by putting out a new video which shows some of all around best FIFA 15 goals scored using the Sony PS4 in 2014. Using this kind of promotion isn’t something EA is only doing with FIFA 15. The company has taken to social media for the same kind of approach when it comes to Madden 15 as well.

For Madden 15, the company has actually been putting screenshots that have been posted by various users to their Twitter account right into the game. As GameChup points out, the video is a collection of clips that were uploaded by the PS4 community when they wanted to show off their exploits using FIFA 15. The year-end video is a collection that has been put to music and made to look as though it were actually real game highlights. The fantastic graphics help that goal of making it look as though these are not part of a FIFA 15 video game, but real life.

As VG24/7 points out, the FIFA 15 video is only made up of people who actually submitted their videos, and we can only imagine the goals that were scored in FIFA 15 in 2014 that were never submitted. EA seems to understand this issue, and along with the video, has attempted to draw more attention to the fact that the company is looking for more people to submit their best goals scored in FIFA 15.

One of the reasons EA wants to make sure it is promoting the goals being scored by users is because of the huge fandom that surrounds this game. In fact, it shouldn’t be taken for granted that Madden 15 and this game are the two that EA is working so hard to promote, even while the titles have been on the market for a while. FIFA games in general are always incredibly popular in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Madden 15 is incredibly popular in the U.S., but the sales in North America really can’t even compete to the sales of the soccer series abroad. Ukie releases a sales chart at the beginning of every week showing the previous weeks numbers, and right up until the release of this year’s game, FIFA 14 was still making a run towards the top of the list. That is one of the reasons Electronic Arts has also been doing a weekly collection of these goals. The company clearly knows how to keep fans happy and active when it comes to FIFA 15.