Leonardo DiCaprio: Ladies Don’t Seem To Mind His Scruffy Beard

Sporting a scruffy beard and dressed to the nines in a black t-shirt and a pair of floral-print swimming trunks, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted living it up on a beach in St. Barts over the New Year holiday. The Wolf of Wall Street star shared his seaside getaway with a bevy of beautiful, bikini-clad girls who didn’t seem to mind all that facial hair.

Toni Garrn wasn’t among the girls who took in the sun and sand with Leonardo. As reported by the Inquisitr, blonde Australian supermodel Garrn, and DiCaprio are on the outs after her former beau partied it up with about twenty women at a Miami nightclub last fall. As E! Online reports, there is speculation that Leonardo and Toni have split for good, as Garrn spent the holiday in Mexico with friends.

Perez Hilton says that although the formerly clean-cut DiCaprio is definitely back on the market, blondes and nudity are part of his jet-setting lifestyle. A bevy of models including Michaela Kocianova and Mathilda Jansson have been spotted aboard his yacht, often clad in bikinis, but sometimes going topless.

Leonardo seems to love his models, and the 40-year-old ladies’ man has a special chivalric touch they seem to appreciate; DiCaprio was spotted helping several of the statuesque beauties on and off the small boat used to gain access to the beach. Mixing and mingling was definitely on the menu, as was plenty of affectionate hugging and a few kisses on the cheek. At one point, he was seen enjoying a beer while sitting on the sand surrounded by gorgeous women.

Could one of the models at the party be on her way to becoming a new leading lady for Leonardo? It’s difficult to say. DiCaprio took to the water to share a drink with one girl, however three more joined in, vying for the Inception star’s attention while sipping their own cocktails.

Leonardo wasn’t alone with the bevy of buxom beauties however; he was joined by a second gent. Like DiCaprio, the mystery man had a heavy beard, making it difficult for paparazzi to confirm whether he was Leo’s good friend, actor Lukas Haas.

What’s up with the beard? Leonardo grew it for a role as real-life frontiersman Hugh Glass in The Revenant. His long hair tidily tied back in a man bun, DiCaprio has an upcoming role in a yet-to-be-titled Martin Scorsese project that’s in pre-production.

Despite being called “despicable” for declining a role as Steve Jobs, it seems Leonardo DiCaprio is still a favorite with the ladies.

[Image courtesy of Cosmopolitan UK]