Nuns and Priests Escape Holy Name Cathedral Fire (VIDEO)

Firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at the Holy Name Cathedral church in Chicago. Flames shot from the roof of the church early Wednesday morning. Everyone inside was evacuated safely.

Holy Name Cathedral Fire: What Happened

The Chicago Fire Department says the flames started at the Holy Name Cathedral, located at State and Superior Streets, shortly before 6 a.m. Witnesses report seeing fire at the Chicago church from at least three separate points of the building. By 6:25, thick white smoke started to pour from the facility.

Luckily, the Holy Name Cathedral fire was contained to the back of the church. Firefighters say it was primarily located in the pitched area of the building’s roof, above the church’s sprinkler system.

Eleven priests and nuns were in the church’s residential area when the fire started. They are all expected to be fine. One firefighter was injured with a sprained back from the recovery efforts.

Holy Name Cathedral: Fire Damage

Holy Name Cathedral FireRepresentatives from the Chicago church say they were able to get the Blessed Sacrament safely out before the fire took over. Still, extensive renovations performed in the Holy Name Cathedral will have to be redone. The church had been closed for six months during the work. The majority of today’s damage, however, is away from the altar and pews.

The Holy Name Cathedral plans to start repairs as soon as possible.

Chicago Church Fire Investigation

The church’s cardinal says he’s “puzzled” as to what might have started the Holy Name Cathedral fire. An official cause is now under investigation.

The original Holy Name Cathedral, incidentally, burned down in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. This current building was opened in 1875.

Holy Name Cathedral Fire Video

The following video shows images of the fire and the early efforts against it.

The next video clip shows Cardinal Francis George commenting on the Holy Name Cathedral fire.

The final Holy Name Cathedral fire video discusses some of the water damage discovered within the church.