Kelly Clarkson Shares Details About New Album On Twitter

Kelly Clarkson is putting together material for her upcoming album, and she’s ready to share a few details about the project with the world.

The American Idol winner hasn’t released an album since her 2013 Christmas record, Wrapped in Red. Not surprisingly, fans are more than anxious to get their hands on her new material. If all goes according to Clarkson’s master plan, then she’ll have some new songs ready to rock during 2015. Happy New Year, indeed.

According to Billboard, Kelly Clarkson will definitely drop her album later this year. Unfortunately for those looking for a specific date, she stopped short of revealing when, exactly, the collection of tunes will hit retail shelves. At least, fans can rest easy knowing new material is coming together in the studio.

So when will the first single drop? Kelly Clarkson teased on Twitter that the first song from her forthcoming record should arrive at some point this month. Again, she didn’t put a finer point on those details, so it’s still a guessing game.

What took Kelly Clarkson so long to release her proper follow-up to 2011’s Stronger? As the singer was quick to point out, she had a baby not too long ago. Since she wanted to put the focus on family for a while, Clarkson had to push her music to the side. However, she’s apparently ready to get back in the studio and start cranking out hits.

Clarkson gave everyone a bit of a scare late last year, when she admitted that she paid a visit to the emergency room before a concert in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite the fact that she was a little under the weather, this didn’t stop Kelly from performing the holiday-themed concert for her legion of loyal fans on December 23.

“Y’all, I spent all morning in the ER! But don’t worry. They gave me a shot of B12 and I’m feeling great and so excited to be here!”

Are you looking forward to Kelly Clarkson’s new album?

[Lead image via Urban Splatter]