Toddlers Snatched At U.K. Airport From ISIS Mother Returning From War-Torn Syria

As ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, plunges Syria and Iraq into the dark ages with their own extreme form of barbaric Islam, even young children are being drawn into the fray, usually against their will.

One recent example of this is a story reported by The Daily Mail in Britain, which notes that two young toddlers were snatched from their mother who had returned from war-torn Syria with them, via Turkey.

The young kids were taken into police protection at Luton airport last week after travelling to the U.K. from Istanbul with their 25-year-old mother, in what is understood to be the first case in which authorities have seized children from their parents over fears they were being radicalized.

At the same time, even kindergartens in the U.K., which has a large Muslim population, are now being screened for Islamic “Jihadi” style influences as the British government tries to find effective ways to deal with the threat posed by ISIS.

In fact, Home Office guidance has been issued to teachers who are expected “to have the training they need to identify children at risk of radicalization.”

There have been conflicting stories from the West Midlands Police though, with one spokesperson announcing that the toddlers were taken into the care of social services, while others reported that they were actually subject to a police protection order.

But as MP David Davis told the Telegraph, “Are they supposed to report some toddler who comes in praising a preacher deemed to be extreme? I don’t think so.”

On top of that, Isabella Sanky, policy director at human rights body Liberty told reporters, ‘The Government should focus on projects to support vulnerable, young people. Instead they are playing straight into terrorists’ hands by rushing through a Bill that undermines our democratic principles and turns us into a nation of suspects.”

Nevertheless, Sanky didn’t come up with an alternative solution to counteract the radicalization of Muslim British children by radical Imams and teachers.