Patrick Boswell: 8th Grade Student Found Dead With Gunshot Wound In Rosemont

Patrick Boswell, of Des Plaines, is an American teenager who was found dead in Rosemont, Illinois. According to The Chicago Sun Times, Patrick Boswell was an eighth grade student at Iroquois Community School. Details are sketchy, but according to NBC Chicago, police received a disturbance call of shots fired at around 8:55 p.m. on Friday, January 2.

Once they descended on the scene, police found the body of a white male lying unresponsive in the 10400 block of Carol Court, an area next to the Allstate arena behind the Target in Rosemont. The boy, who was identified as 14-year-old Patrick Boswell, had an apparent gunshot wound to the body. His tragic death comes just before the children return to school. According to NBC-Chicago, community director Mindy Ward is asking for everyone to keep the teen’s family in their prayers.

“During this terrible loss, please keep the Iroquois families and staff and the Des Plaines community in your thoughts and prayers.()We are a strong and determined community. Supporting each other is very important now and in the future.”

There has been an ongoing dispute on social media about Patrick Boswell’s Facebook profile, where some are accusing the boy of being a gang member because of the way that he is dressed and posed in some of the photos. People who know the family say that Boswell came from a good background, and that his parents are devastated by his death. As others point out, no matter his situation, Boswell was someone’s child, and he was loved.

Here are some key points in the conversation—leading many to want some sort of accountability for those who post such despicable and incendiary comments online and the outlets that allow the comments to be posted.

“If that is his profile. It’s extremely sad that he was in 8th grade, living that life!”

“Lol look at his FB profile pic and cover photo. No surprise he got shot.”

“How sad! Prayers to his family and all of ICS students and faculty as they prepare to go back to school.”

“It’s pathetic that you judge a child you don’t know. What he did to try and fit in may be deceiving to who he was.”

“Whatever this CHILD was, his parent, family and friends still grieve! ”

“His cover photo is of the latin kings, no he’s not in a gang he’s a good boy.”

” I know this boy. He has played football with my son for years. Stop stalking his fb and judging someone you don’t know. Nobody is perfect but last night his mom and dad lost their only son… an 8th grade boy who I guarantee had no idea what kind of trouble he was headed for. Please don’t slander him on these links as his family is devastated and should not have to listen to opinions of others judging their son. Think before you speak and realize this was a child!”

An exact cause of death for Patrick Boswell, aka Guero, won’t be announced until after the local coroner has made a determination. Recently, Inquisitr reported on the death of Leah Costa, a missing Arizona teenager who was found dead.

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