Leah Costa: Arizona Girl Still Missing, Boyfriend Found Disoriented And Dehydrated

Leah Costa, the 15-year-old girl from Buckeye, Arizona, is still missing. According to the latest report by Daily Mail, Leah Costa was last seen by her mother on Christmas Eve. Her mother believed that her daughter had runaway with her 17-year old boyfriend.

Leah Costa left her home located at 2200 Block of Cantilever St. in Buckeye, on her own free will. Since her disappearance, police have also tried to locate the boyfriend.

On Saturday, December 28, police found the boyfriend, walking along I-10 near milepost 78 close to Tonopah, Arizona, with torn clothing. He also appeared disoriented and was suffering from dehydration.

His girlfriend, Leah Costa, was not with him when police found him. When they asked him about Leah, he indicated that he last saw her at the TA Truck Stop located at 339th Avenue near I-10 but didn’t know what happened to her next. He was also unable to tell police what happened to him.

A passerby actually saw a male teen fitting the boyfriend’s description walking along the highway in torn clothes.

“Holy moly! I saw this guy walking ouy of the desert on the side of the ten freeway his clothes were torn. I was on my way towards California. No one else in the car saw him and thought i was just seeing things!! Hope she is not in the desert there.@()i told you i saw a guy with torn clothes!!!! If any one needs more info ie police message me.”

Around the country there are a number of missing teens. In Vero Beach, police are looking for 14-year-old Kyla Cheyanne Johns. She was last seen leaving her home on Christmas Eve at around 7:30p.m. In Boise, Idaho, an 18-year old autistic teen vanished from her home on Sunday, December 28 at around 4:00 a.m. The young woman, identified only as Savannah, was found safe and returned to her family. Norwalk, CT., police were looking for 18-year-old Cullen Ringstad, who left his home after an argument with family members on Sunday, December 28. He was last seen at a local Mcdonald’s but later found safe. In September, Inquisitr reported on the story of Nikki Miller, a teen who was later found safe.

As for the case of Leah Costa, Buckeye Police are asking members of the public to please call 623-349-6400 if anyone sees any sign of her. Costa stands 5ft 3in. tall and weighs 187 pounds with dark hair. She was last seen wearing jeans and a red or blue-plaid shirt over a dark tank top, according to ABC-15. Buckeye is a city within Maricopa County, just west of Phoenix.

**Update: Leah Costa was found murdered on December 30, 2014. Her boyfriend was arrested and charged with her death.

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