‘Married At First Sight: The First Year’ Premiere Date: Cortney, Jason, Jamie, & Doug Return — Fans Are Thrilled!

Fans of Married at First Sight are thrilled that Cortney, Jason, Jamie, and Doug will all return for the FYI‘s series’ spinoff on January 13. What started as a unique social experiment last year, with three couples getting married sight-unseen, turned into a show with a huge fan following that captured not only the hearts, but the minds of viewers.

If you didn’t watch MAFS last year, there’s still time to catch up on the episodes you missed (you can watch online on FYI.com) before the premiere of Married at First Sight: The First Year airs. Starting on January 13 at 9 p.m., FYI will air eight episodes that will follow the lives of the two couples who chose to stay married; Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix, and Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis.

TV By The Numbers reports that the spinoff show will follow the two couple’s lives from the six month mark of their marriage all the way up to their one-year anniversary that they will celebrate in March. Fans of the show will also see appearances by the show’s “specialists” —ultra-smart sexologist, Dr. Logan Levkoff; caring (and sexy) psychologist, Dr. Joseph Cilona; and the spunky sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz — who will help guide them through their first-year life experiences.

Last year on the season finale of Married at First Sight, three couples had to decide whether they would stay married or get a divorce. Courtney and Jason went the distance and stayed together, despite Jason’s fear of getting hurt. There is no doubt that the spinoff will show the couple working hard at their marriage due to their hectic work schedules, but this is the one marriage that looks like it’s going to last a lifetime. Fans who follow the couple on social media can’t help buy smile at the extreme cuteness of this adorable couple who met for the first time on their wedding day.

Jamie and Doug decided to stay together, something that was somewhat unexpected by those who weren’t sure if Jamie could commit. The couple had a tough start to their marriage, with Jamie admitting that she was not attracted to her now-husband on their wedding day. Since then, the couple appears to have made their awkward relationship into a really solid marriage, posting lots of happy photos on social media.

Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland were the only couple who opted for divorce, something that did not surprise many of the show’s viewers. The Inquisitr previously reported that although Monet and Vaughn had no issues when it came to physical attraction, they had distinct differences about what they expected from each other in a marriage. Expect to get an update on these couples at some point during the spinoff show.

Are you excited to watch Married At First Sight: The First Year when it premieres on January 13? Sound off in the comments below about the show — would you marry someone sight unseen?