Tyler Baltierra Talks New Baby: ‘I Don’t Have To Be Heartbroken This Time’

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra has never hid the fact that he is an emotional guy. He didn’t hold back when he was filming 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, and Baltierra was crying when he and Catelynn Lowell decided to give up their first daughter Carly for adoption. It was a heartbreaking time for Tyler, and he has often reflected on his decision to give her up.

Tyler Baltierra is now revealing that this time is different for him, as he gets to take home his daughter from the hospital. Now, he gets to keep his daughter and raise her the way he always wanted to do. Lowell gave birth a few days ago, and he is now sharing his first thoughts as a new father.

According to new tweets, Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra is now speaking out via Twitter to let his fans know how he is dealing with being a father once again. Of course, this is very different from when Carly came into this world. This time, he gets to bring his daughter home from the hospital and he isn’t giving her up for adoption. Needless to say, this is an emotional experience for Tyler.

“Having her here feels unreal but actually taking her home feels even more unreal. I actually get to be happy about leaving the hospital,” Tyler Baltierra revealed about keeping his daughter, adding, “Crying happy tears instead of sad ones feels AMAZING! I don’t have to be heartbroken this time #EmotionalDaddy #DontMindMe.”

And Baltierra is very supportive and proud of his long-time girlfriend Catelynn Lowell. The two have shared their ups and downs on Teen Mom, but they have really set a great example of how young love is strong and how these two can handle things that some people can’t even imagine going through. Tyler has never hidden his emotional journey.

“Momma Bear holding our little angel! Can’t tell you the feeling of witnessing this. Look at my beautiful bride to be! That woman is beyond strong, caring, and selfless. Couldn’t have asked for a better little family #Blessed #NewYearBaby #MyGirls #AreMyWorld,” Tyler Baltierra revealed about Catelynn after she gave birth.

The couple named their second baby girl Nova Reign, which is a beautiful name for a little girl. According to the Inquisitr, they have both been sharing pictures of their little bundle of joy. But it sounds like fans may have to wait a while to see a picture of the baby’s face. Baltierra may shares the pictures in a magazine in a few weeks.

What do you think about Tyler Baltierra’s emotional words about being a father again?

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