Ariana Grande, Big Sean Split? New Rumor Says Pop Couple On Outs After Sean Caught Cheating

Kevin Bostic

Nothing gold can stay. Fans of would-be music super couple Ariana Grande and Big Sean might be sad to learn of the newest rumor surrounding the happy pair. It turns out that they might not be so happy any more. Rumor has it that the couple has split after Ariana found evidence on Sean's phone that Big Sean was cheating on her. So, Eden sank to grief.

Since the two were first spotted cavorting together, the two diminutive stars -- oddly enough, named Grande and Big -- have apparently been inseparable. Recent reports have had them "happy in love" while performing on stage, and some were speculating that Big Sean had a ring-shaped gift with Ariana's name on it all lined up for Christmas. Just last week, word had it that the two's engagement was all but a done deal.

True love, though, just might be the hardest hue to hold. The Ariana Grande-Big Sean romance flowered, but apparently only for an hour. New reports out of celebrity muckraking site MediaTakeOut are saying that the couple are splitsville, fully separated after Grande discovered evidence of infidelity on Big Sean's phone.

"A snitch tells that Big Sean was CHEATING on Ariana -- having an ongoing SEXTING relationship with a popular [Instagram] model."

As to harder evidence that the Grande-Big [or: Big-Big] relationship is done, MTO points to some odd tweets from Big Sean over the past few days.

— Big Sean (@BigSean) December 31, 2014

— Big Sean (@BigSean) December 31, 2014

But if indeed the Ariana Grande-Big Sean whirlwind has come to an end and dawn has gone down to day, fans of the couple can take solace in knowing that it was bound to end sometimes. After all, nothing gold can stay.

[Lead image via Us Magazine]