‘Destiny: The Dark Below’ Raid Boss Downed In A Minute With ‘2 Swords, 1 Crota’ Trick

Scott Grill - Author

Jan. 2 2015, Updated 1:00 p.m. ET

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Destiny players have been turning the “Crota’s End” Raid that came with The Dark Below expansion into their own little playground since it was released in early December. Players have run it solo, run it solo using the worst Exotic primary weapon in the game, and made up their own rules on how to beat the Crota. Now a group revealed Friday that it has found a way to gain access to two swords at the same time to bring the Hive God down in record time.

Reddit user gamesager posted a video showing the group of six Destiny players bringing down Crota in only 61 seconds after the encounter began. That’s definitely not how Bungie intended the session to go.

Typically, a competent and organized Destiny fireteam can bring Crota down after taking him to his knees four times and then one team member attacking him with the sword the Swordbearer Knight drops. The Inquisitr detailed the mechanics behind the entire encounter in this guide.

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Gamesager’s group got around the intended mechanics by taking advantage of a flaw in Bungie’s design of Destiny‘s latest raid. Once a fireteam exits the chamber that starts the Crota encounter, there is one Swordbearer Knight already waiting in “the Pit,” the area just in front of the platform the boss stands on. The group rushed to him and used Gjallarhorns to take him down before the first wave of Thralls could spawn. This caused another Swordbearer Knight to spawn with the Thralls, which was also taken down quickly with the rocket launcher.

This left the fireteam with two swords to attack Crota with. The rest of the fireteam used their Gjallarhorns to quickly bring Crota to his knees so that both could attack. This effectively halved the amount of time needed to bring Crota down and the group was able to bring him down after just two kneels.

Close behind the 1:01 mark is YouTube user Marcelo Parada’s group. They managed to kill Crota in just a minute and six seconds without using “2 Swords, 1 Crota” trick. Another group, led by Grill Boyz, is not far behind, with a kill in approximately a minute and a half.

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How are these players able to take out Crota so quickly? Well, you’ll notice that every member of these fireteams have obtained the Crota’s End Raid gear and are maxed out at level 32. They also all possess Gjallarhorn, which is undoubtedly the deadliest PvE weapon in Destiny. This allows them to make short work of the Hive God.

While they definitely gain an advantage from their high levels and equipment, at least they aren’t using a glitch that causes Crota to kneel permanently by having the fireteam leader disconnect their console from the internet. I won’t be detailing how to do that in this article.

This should all change once the hard mode for Crota’s End is released in an upcoming Destiny update. Bungie is likely keeping track of how players are performing in normal mode and scaling the encounter accordingly.

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