‘Destiny: Crota’s End’ Raid Soloed With ‘No Land Beyond’ Exotic Sniper Rifle

Destiny’s latest raid, Crota’s End was designed to be completed by a fireteam of six guardians (players) but that has not stopped several players from attempting to complete the raid by themselves. Several attempts have gained a bit of notoriety amongst die hard fans of Destiny but one guardian, Silverhawk0, has not only soloed the Crota’s End raid, but he did so by using what is almost universally panned as the worst weapon in the the game: the exotic sniper rifle “No Land Beyond,” which Xür sold this past weekend as the Inquisitr reported.

In order to fully appreciate soloing Crota’s End with “No Land Beyond,” you must understand the context. Crota’s End is a four part raid, each with its own mechanics and strategy that were designed (theoretically) to be tackled by a group of six players. The first part of the raid has your team reduced to a slow plodding pace while legions of fast enemies swarm your party. The raid progresses in difficulty until you reach the end. The final boss fight against Crota himself is an exercise in team coordination with every person knowing their assigned roles and executing them perfectly. Some YouTube strategies even call for the player to have a stopwatch on hand to see if they are progressing in the correct manner.

Soloing Crota’s End with “No Land Beyond,” a sniper rifle that is inspired after a Zaytsev, the infamous sniper for the Russians in World War II, is a monumental feat. The name of the weapon is inspired by a quote on his monument in Volgograd: “For us there was no land beyond the Volga.”

A weapon with such a proud history is also ironically one of the most despised weapons of the game. It has an extremely slow rate of fire, a very limited ammo reserve and occupies the all important primary weapon slot.

Silverhawk0 overcame these obstacles with his warlock character and soloed Crota’s End with “No Man’s Land” and you can watch the whole endeavor above in its five-part playlist.

[Image Source | Bungie]

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