ISIS Hackers Known As ‘Darkshadow’ Mistakenly Hack Bristol Bus Service Website

As ISIS and their supporters try to do what they can to disrupt the lives of Americans and those in the free world, as well as taking over huge swathes of land in Iraq and Syria, the latest (mistaken) target of the Islamists is the quiet British city of Bristol, more specifically, its online bus service timetable.

According to Daily Telegraph report, a group calling themselves Darkshadow, the “Arab Security Team,” took over the TravelWest website in Britain and replaced it with a sinister Islamic State-style homepage.

The report suggests that the bungling hackers most likely thought that TravelWest was connected to some international influential site used by millions to book travel around the Western world, not a West Country journey planner.

When users went to the site on New Year’s Day in order to check their bus times, they were shocked to be met instead with a black Islamic banner with the message “hacked by darkshadow. Muslum (sic) hackers.”

Fortunately, the website is now back in the hands of TravelWest, and all the usual information is available for people who want to check the online timetable and other information.

While the darkshadow group’s Facebook page claims they have previously successfully infiltrated webpages belonging to Philippine Airlines and the El Salvador government, their latest botched attack has received mocking more than anything else.

On their Facebook page, one sarcastic user asked, “Hi. Can you tell me which bus to get from the station to travel to the city centre? It seems as though you’re now giving travel information,” while another posted, “Oh dear, can’t tell the difference between a local bus company and travel site! Pathetic.”

Another disappointed resident from Bristol added, “It’s a bus timetable website. Too hard to hack something big.”

Darkshadow reportedly targets two or three global travel websites around the world every day, while posting on their Facebook page, “Swear to god but Allah is the Almighty God and his prophets is Muhamad.”

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