Stolen Dog Found 2,400 Miles From Home: Dog Stolen Located Thanks To Facebook Post

Penny the dog was found 2,400 miles from her home in Washington State. The bubbly K-9 breed went missing earlier this month from her family, but through a Facebook effort to locate the stolen dog, their companion was found in Pittsburgh. Thankfully, the social media effort paid off and Penny will be reunited with her family Friday, citing a Q13 Fox News report.

Colt and Kendra Brown reported their dog missing on December 19. Then, Penny went to work with Colt just days ahead of Christmas, but vanished at some point while out of his sight, according to Brown.

“She was just out wandering, doing her own thing, and she got picked up.”

After looking locally in the area to find the missing dog, to no avail, the Browns took to social media in an effort to broaden their efforts. A Facebook community page was activated called Bring Penny Home for Christmas, and before long, their efforts paid off.

Penny found 2,400 miles from home

The couple got a tip from someone who said they observed a truck driver picking up the leash-less animal on the day it went missing. The family was able to track him down, but soon thereafter, he stopped returning telephone calls.

Not soon thereafter, Kendra and Colt received a call from a Pittsburgh animal doctor who said someone surrendered Penny to them. Thanks to a microchip, the veterinarian was able to get contact information for the Browns to tell them their dog was found some 2,400 miles away from home. Watch the video news report below.

The Browns were over the moon about the news that their dog had been located and was in good health. Then began the task to get her home. While plans were made, Penny was taken to a local animal rescue facility in Pittsburgh until she could be reunited with her owners.

She wasn’t there long. Krista Novak, who resides in Evans City, heard about the missing/stolen dog from Washington through the Facebook page. She volunteered to provide a foster home for the dog until the family can retrieve her. Besides, she has a similar breed, and the two animals got along just find like bosom buddies.

“I just love dogs. I would do it for anybody. I just hope somebody would do it for me too.”

And in another stroke of holiday cheer, Alaska Airlines intervened and offered to fly the dog 2,400 miles home after it was found. Kendra Brown said the arrangements are in place and their family companion is due to arrive in Seattle in just days to a holiday homecoming.

“We’re just really excited that we will be getting her back. It has been a huge blessing,” she said. “The people who have been willing to help after seeing the Facebook page and everything — I mean, it’s just been an overwhelming amount of support.”

Although the dog found some 2,400 miles away from home didn’t spend Christmas with her family, she will be home to continue the New Year 2015 celebration.

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