America’s Team: The Packers Are the Most Popular Team in the NFL

The Dallas Cowboys may bill themselves as “America’s Team,” but they aren’t America’s favorite. The Green Bay Packers were just named the most popular team in the NFL.

According to Public Policy Polling, which poled 700 Americans about their favorite NFL teams, the Packers were the overwhelming favorites. PPP asked fans from a list of nine popular NFL teams.

The Green Bay Packers took 22% of the vote, followed by the Cowboys with 11%, the Chicago Bears, New York Giants, and Pittsburgh Steelers with 8%, and the New Orleans Saints with 7%.

My Fox Boston reports:

“It shouldn’t take a poll to point out what’s obvious, but sometimes folks just have to see the numbers. The Green Bay Packers, not the Dallas Cowboys, are America’s Team.”

And if you still think the Cowboys are America’s team, well, it turns out that they also have the most haters. When the poll asked respondents about their least favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys lead the poll with 24%, followed by the Chicago with 11% and the Packers with 10%.

Defensive end B.J. Raji said that he wasn’t surprised by the poll. Raji said:

“The majority of that poll, the people probably don’t watch football. Why are there so many Cowboys fans? Because of all the success they were having in the ’90s. It’s not like people are genuine Cowboys fans. It’s just how it is, and we happen to be the hot team right now. People just feel cool to say they’re a Packers fan because you get a certain response nowadays.”

Are the Packers your favorite team? Do you think of the Cowboys as “America’s Team?”