Maci Bookout 'Doesn't Know How' To Raise A Girl, Reveals Baby Names

Maci Bookout is already a mom, but it has been nearly six years since she had a newborn around the house. While she has been raising Bentley these past few years, the reality show star seems to be prepping for the arrival of her baby girl. She and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, recently got a new puppy and Maci revealed that it is "preparing them for parenting."

This will be the first child for Taylor McKinney, who recently moved to Tennessee to be closer to his girlfriend, and the second child for Maci Bookout. She has one son, Bentley, and she admits that she "doesn't know how to raise a girl."

She told InTouch Weekly (via Daily Mail), "I don't know how! Plus I'm not a big fan of pink stuff."

Maci has never been a girlie girl, and that has always been clear from her segments on Teen Mom. While she wasn't necessarily a tomboy, Maci always had a more edgy side which she wasn't afraid to show. Once she turned 21-years-old, she wasn't shy about showing her partying side either. In fact, it was the lack of partying tweets and photos that had some fans speculating the reality show star was pregnant well before she made the announcement. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors began swirling after some folks from Maci's hometown reported seeing her at an OB clinic in the area. It was two days after the report that Maci Bookout went public with her pregnancy.

After her episode of 16 and Pregnant aired, the name Bentley skyrocketed on baby name trend charts everywhere. While the name was in use before Maci used it for her son, it is apparent that she helped to influence the rising trend. In 2011 and 2012, the name Bentley was ranked at number 75, while a few short years before, it was ranked at only 939. There is no doubt that Maci and the other Teen Mom cast members influence baby names, so will the name that Maci chooses for her daughter set of another baby name trend?

MTV revealed the names that she is thinking about bestowing upon her little girl.

"June or Harley! But we have Bentley, so it's kind of too many automobiles going on!"
Harley is an adorable name and definitely sounds like the kind of name that Maci would pick for her child. Of course, she does have a valid point that her children's names could be associated with automobiles. Harley is already gaining popularity though, and in 2013, it was ranked number 360. Maci may want to reconsider if she wants a very unique name for her little girl.

Maci Bookout is set to give birth to her little girl in June, and she is currently 16 weeks pregnant.

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